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Learn How to Home Brew at Jim's

Homebrewer Jim Welcome to Jimís Beer Kit!

Hi, I'm Jim, an enthusiastic home brewer from Washington, England; a warm welcome to the site!

This site will show you how to brew your own beer and caters for beginners, intermediate and advanced brewers. Our brewing forum, Jim's Homebrew Forum , is one of the top homebrew forums on the internet for brewers of British Ales, attracting members from all over the world - including some of the real experts in the field of brewing. The forum is run by a friendly bunch of administrators and you'll be made very welcome if you take the plunge and join.

The basic ingredients for brewing beer are malt, hops, water and yeast, but there are several ways you can approach brewing at home: -

Making Beer from the Raw Ingredients

Also known as 'grain brewing' or 'mashing' this is the method used by commercial breweries, but adapted for use at home. See my pictorial guide here.

Brewing from Malt Extract

Extract brewing simplifies the home brewing process by allowing the malt extract manufacturers to perform the first stage of brewing - extracting the sugars from malt grain. See how it's done here.

Brewing from Beer Kits

Kits are the easiest way to brew at home, as all stages of the process other than fermentation are carried out for you. All you need to do is dilute the concentrated wort, add the yeast and wait! Horden Hillbilly shows you how here.

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My Home Brew Set Up

I use the traditional 'mashing' system (grain brewing) for my homebrew; it allows me to make high quality beers that I'm proud to serve up to my friends (though sometimes I think I'd prefer to drink it all myself!).

My preferred beer is traditional English style beer, now commonly known as 'Real Ale' (presumably to distinguish it from the more or less 'Unreal Ale' which is often served up in pubs these days). You will find information on brewing almost any type of beer on the site, though.

I hope you enjoy the site and Happy Brewing!

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Jim's Beer Kit Supports Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's Chicken Out Campaign

Enjoy Your Beer Sensibly

Home brew is cheap; your liver doesn't know that though, so always be aware of the health risks of drinking too much alcohol. For me, quality is more important than quantity - if you make quality beer, savour it; don't just chuck it down your neck!

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Hartingtons Brew School

Are now sponsoring JBK. Hartingtons run artisan food and drink courses, including brewing courses. We all love good food and drink here at JBK!

Upcoming Courses: -

Beer Brewing Course 22nd Nov

Jim's Home Brew Forum

Discuss your problems (or solutions!) with your fellow-brewers. Forum link...

Home Brewing Knowledge Base

This ongoing project attempts to distil the knowledge of forum users into a virtual encyclopaedia of brewing. Although still in its infancy, it promises to be a fantastic resource - maybe you can help us make it even better!

Brewing Videos

Watch crucial stages of the brewing process in our brewing videos in the All-Grain technique section. See the appropriate part of the all grain section for details of the process - the videos can be found by following this link:


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Cornelius Kegs

These snazzy stainless steel kegs are a popular and professional method of dispensing your home brew.
Cornelius Kegs....

Authentic Breton Cider

Learn about the art of cider-making in this excellent article by Jean Yves Jacob of Boisson Organisation Keravel (BOK).

Jim's Run for Children with Leukaemia

Jim ran the Great North 10k  in Sunderland on the 18th July 2010. See his blog here.
Click this link to see Jim's running blog...


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