Rhubarb Saison

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Rhubarb Saison

Post by shepp » Tue Sep 12, 2017 10:30 am

I wondered if anybody could give me some pointers for a Rhubarb Saison I plan to do in the near future?
My last Rhubarb Saison came out very well but I want the next one to have a slightly different style.
The last one had quite a neutral background flavour, was dry, well carbonated and had the right amount of rhubarb flavour. A very refreshing summer beer.
Although the last one was a success, I would like the next one to have a bit more of a rounded farmhouse kind of flavour, possibly some fruitiness from the hops to compliment the rhubarb. I was thinking maybe Mandarina Bavaria or First Gold but not anything 'new world' like citra or mosaic.
I don't know enough to come up with a grain bill for this either, but I would not want it too dark or caramel tasting.

This is the grain bill for the last Rhubarb Saison, I added the rhubarb into the secondary after 7 days and left it to infuse for a further 7 days to infuse.
My FG ended up as 1.003 not what is shown on the attachment.
Summer Saison.PNG

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