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Kegging supplies - brewkegtap - eBay shop.

Post by Jonnyconga » Tue Sep 08, 2015 10:03 pm

I have an eBay shop selling kegging equipment.

I can offer better prices through this forum than on eBay.

Corny disconnects - both types £4.50 each
JG corny Disconnect speedfits £2 each
Corny o ring sets £2.50 each
Beerline 3/8 and 3/16 60p/m
JG fittings for 3/8 and 3/16 reducers £2
Poppets valves £2 each
PRV valves for corny lids
Part taps.
Have a look on eBay for full range.

Postage is either £0.74 or £2.80 depending on what you want. Posted next day.

I've sold to quite a few happy people on this forum.

please PM if you're interested.


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