Braumeister diseister!

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Re: Braumeister diseister!

Post by Aleman » Wed Aug 09, 2017 1:04 pm

I also brew with a Braumeister, and wheat beers are my fav brews. Again no issues like you describe, and I haven't changed my crush from when I was brewing 3V - I do crush my own however, so it may well be that I have an optimal crush with the mill settings I used for 3V.

I don't take any special precautions when mixing the grain either, I have the fancy hood, which when inverted makes a great grain funnel. I just tip the grain in, allowing it to sink into the liquor, at the end I just give it a quick stir to mix, and check for dry grain balls - never had any, so I assume the process works.

I also am having difficulty hitting my numbers but I haven't really been an active brewing over the last few years. That is going to change!

I too don't use any tube to seal the plates as the plates fit fine as they are, but am looking for some U Channel (From Polymax) for mine to prevent fraying of the gauze, and to make it less likely to slice my fingers open with the edges of the gauze.

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Re: Braumeister diseister!

Post by Belly » Thu Aug 10, 2017 8:12 pm

So usual order is resumed!! Brewed again, and what a difference!!

I stirred a fair amount..but also had suitable crush from the malt miller. I also screwed the bar down more firmly and the whole thing operated perfectly.

I didn't use the husks, or the rubber round the filter (future tweaks maybe).

By end of mash out I had absolutely clear wort, not a hint of haze or grain....or any fountains!

Two foul ups:

1. I got a "Temp Error" as it was heating to mash temp....had to reboot, cleared and no further problems (if there's a BM problem to be had I'm having it)

2. Managed to abort the auto recipe just before the boil, the "Abort" / "Confirm" thing is still not intuitive - simple manual boil though so no harm done.

Was aiming for 1.055...hit 1.055....72% efficiency, bang on Beersmith. I'm happy with that on a 60 min mash.

I am concluding that the last brew was down to wheat (always a pain), crush, limited stirring and it all being a bit new. Really appreciate the advice from all, onward and brew is 6kg of malt....might be tight!

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Re: Braumeister diseister!

Post by IPA » Fri Aug 11, 2017 8:25 am

72% is on the low side. I get 83/85. My guess is that you are not sparging.
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Re: Braumeister diseister!

Post by Belly » Fri Aug 11, 2017 7:46 pm

23L in initial mash followed by 6L of sparge and 5.2KG of grain. It might be my beersmith equipment profile?? 21L in the fermenter at 1.055 exactly as predicted.

TBH if I hit the recipe numbers I'm happy...until my efficiency suddenly goes through the roof, and then I have to work everything out all over again!!


Re: Braumeister diseister!

Post by FistersApart » Mon Nov 06, 2017 4:51 pm

[quote=Mashman post_id=820450 time=1502214128 user_id=106]
I use a slit length of beer line around the top filter, cheap and effective, Your order of filters is correct.

I do exactly the same works a treat :wink: ; )

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