Problems Logging in or Registering

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Problems Logging in or Registering

Post by Jim » Thu Feb 12, 2015 4:46 pm

If you're having trouble registering on the forum, or if you're registered but can't log in, there are several routes through which you can ask for help: -

1) Tweet to @JimsHomeBrew

2) Post on the Jim's Beer Kit FaceBook page

3) Email Jim using the email address that appears on the site home page (at the bottom of the right hand column).

One further point - some large email providers (notably gmail) take the view that an email should be blocked until proven innocent. Gmail state that if an email is from an address that is already in the user's address book, however, it will be allowed through. So if you put the forum email address in your own address book, you are more likely to get automatic forum emails (e.g. activation emails for new registrations or change of details and notifications for watched threads and private messages). The email address used by the forum is 'hbforum[at] (obviously you need to replace the [at] with the @ symbol).
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