Hi there!

Introduce yourself to your fellow brewers here.
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Hi there!

Post by Dutto » Fri Jun 07, 2019 12:37 pm

Just a quick "Hello" from an old man who has done a lot of homebrewing off and on since the late 1960's.

Times change and so do methods and styles so I'm still learning.

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Re: Hi there!

Post by Jim » Fri Jun 07, 2019 12:40 pm

Welcome Dutto. :)

I've been around and brewing almost as long!
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Re: Hi there!

Post by Dave S » Fri Jun 07, 2019 4:29 pm

Welcome, you'll find lots of such old codgers here, me included. Have you been away from brewing and recently returned?
Best wishes


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Re: Hi there!

Post by Rusticus » Fri Jun 07, 2019 7:41 pm

Welcome to the forum.

I have been brewing on and off for the same length of time.

Current set-up is Grainfather and Cornies.

Plenty to learn on here.


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Re: Hi there!

Post by Dutto » Sun Jun 09, 2019 12:22 am

Many thanks for the replies.

I travelled all over the world with my job so brewing at home was a bit difficult before I retired; and then I lived on a boat for eight years so it was impossible.

However, working in places like the Middle East made for a lot of improvisation over the years. Amazing, with supermarket malt extract, bread yeast, ordinary sugar and dried lemons instead of hops you can produce a drinkable beer. (Please Note: "drinkable" is not the same as "palatable"!)

I've done the full circle. Kits (absolute rubbish in the 60's), malt extract and hops, back to kits when they became better, all grain kits, AG with my own recipes using pre-milled malt, bought my own malt mill to use whole grain.

My taste buds are about shot (old age and living in India) and I just can't be bothered taking the time to do everything associated with AG brewing so I may go back to kits or extract brewing.

Thanks again for the welcome.

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