Sunshine Marmalade Peel Addition

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Sunshine Marmalade Peel Addition

Post by Meatymc » Tue Jul 09, 2019 9:25 pm

Intending trying Rob's recipe soon buying in the peel from TMM.

I no chill and then boil 1 gallon of wort the following day for 10 minutes with my late hop addition - I'm able to rapid cool that amount in a large sink using waterand ice cubes - seems to work fine although I suppose I could calculate having the bulk of the wort slightly below pitching and chuck the hotter gallon in to equalise to pitching temp.

Just wanted to check with Rob or anyone else that the peel comes out before tranferring to the fermenter? I remove the late addition hops before pitching but reading up on 'late additions' it seems some do and some don't so thought I'd check re' the peel given I'm guessing it could become overpowering if left in too long - is that the case?

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Re: Sunshine Marmalade Peel Addition

Post by guypettigrew » Wed Jul 10, 2019 7:50 am

When I've used the peel from MM I've chucked it into the boil a few minutes before the end, then left it to steep at <80°C with the flame out hops for 25 minutes or so. The peel has then stayed in the boiler with the spent hops after running the clear wort off.

Haven't tried using the peel in the FV or in the final keg. Seems to do the job fine when used in the kettle.


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