Something different this year

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Something different this year

Post by Meatymc » Sun Aug 29, 2021 9:07 pm

Didn't want to hijack Pete's post but thought he might find mine useful/interesting?


I've grown my own for around 10 years - around 7 where we are now in North Yorkshire (not a mecca for hops I agree). I grow Northdown, Fuggles, Cascade and First Gold plus Styrian Golding and Santiam - the latter 2 I rarely use (both gifts). I'd normally be looking to start harvesting in around 2 weeks time with my main croppers coming in around a few days of each other but this year is very different.

Northdown - been looking 'mature' for a few days and a large number are starting to 'brown' but the lupulin is visually very small if not non-existent. Not 'dry' at all and 'green and spingey' when squeezed so clearly aren't actually ready.

Fuggles - couple of weeks to go I reckon as I'd expect - lupulin levels looking about normal.

Cascade - barely at 'set' stage - reckon around 4 - 6 weeks before being able to harvest.

First Gold - main bines badly infested but a rhizome from when I moved it 2 years ago has developed in it's original location and looks in good healh although I'd expect a low yield.

Bizarrely the Styrian and Santiam seem to be behaving as normal which may be a godsend at the end of the day.

I know I'm at the far end of reliable, regular hop territory - just curious if others are seeing different behaviour/results wherever you/they are?

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Re: Something different this year

Post by WalesAles » Sun Aug 29, 2021 9:57 pm

Glad to see that your Hops are coming on lovely mun! =D>
I don`t grow them but someone told me that there are vast amounts growing wild
down by the Port Talbot Steelworks (10 mins from my house), I don`t know if I`d want to use
them because of all the contamination coming from the works.
Anyway, Magic Mushroom picking season next month up the Valleys. WaHay! :D :D


No, I don`t put mushies in beer. Cider YES! :lol:

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Re: Something different this year

Post by floydmeddler » Mon Aug 30, 2021 9:40 am

WalesAles wrote:
Sun Aug 29, 2021 9:57 pm
Anyway, Magic Mushroom picking season next month up the Valleys. WaHay! :D :D
Haha! That takes me back. I still feel the temptation every year.

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