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If you have a hop related question about International Bittering Units or alpha acid, post it here!
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Pick Your Own

Post by Meatymc » Thu Sep 01, 2022 9:01 pm

For various reasons I'm not harvesting all the hops this year. If anyone out there is within striking distance of Northallerton and fancies some home grown you're welcome to come and take what there is. Caveat is you need to decide when each is ready - I hate trying to determine exactly when the best time is to pick. If interested, best bet would be to cut down the bines (most are old enough) and take the whole lot with you to 'pick' at home.

At the moment there is:

Santiam - this was a pressie and I don't use it. In fact I hack it back when it gets in the way so doubt you'd get much more than a couple of hundred grams dried from it
First Gold - there are 2 separate plants (well 3 actually but 2 grow into themselves). This was my go-to some years ago but moved twice and hasn't as yet got back to it's former glory. I'm really guessing here - maybe 300g-500g dried
Northdown - I've harvested the crop in the hop garden but I've another which grew from a cutting. Guesswork again at c250g+ dried
Fuggles - only a bit having harvested this. Possibly 150g-200g dried.
Cascade - this isn't anywhere near ready and my preferred hop so not promising there'll be any. Harvested 1.25kg dried weight off it last year but I suspect there will be less this.

*All the above suggested weights are based on reducing 'wet' weight by 70%.

We intended moving this year so potted a rhizome 'cutting' off each of the above - move didn't happen. They haven't had a year of tender loving care but are alive and kicking if wanted.

Can't vouch for AA on anything obviously. I brew mainly hoppy IPA's and double IPA's and use 50g of either Fuggles or Northdown for bittering. You'll have to do what I do each year and try different amounts/combinations.

I work from home so can be around more or less to suit. I don't want anything for the above but would like it if 'you' would commit to some sort of donation to your local Air Ambulance of Hospice.

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