Liquid yeast viability.

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Re: Liquid yeast viability.

Post by PeeBee » Mon Sep 14, 2020 1:22 pm

MickJ wrote:
Mon Sep 14, 2020 9:27 am
I have just pitched a Wyeast smack pack and don't think it's viable, out of date by a two months and was kept in the fridge at 5*c which should be OK but I just think it will be good..

Pitched Saturday night and no change in SG on Monday night...
It's a Fullers London Pride with 4120g of grain so willing to dump the lot if required..

Question is if the yeast was off will it affect the taste if I pitch S-04

A two month out-of-date smack pack can be resurrected. But I'd treat it to at least a four step starter (over four days), I think the idea you can "smack" even a 3 month old pack (never mind 8 month old) and expect it to kick off 20-25L of wort is cloud cuckoo land. And what "f00b4r" says; off flavours may have started to develop, but it needn't be bacteria, the dead yeast cells that inevitably arise could start spilling their guts into the wort (autolysis).

Pitch the S-04 if still no signs now; even if the smack-pack does work, it could be a few more days before you know.
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