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Re: Gervin

Post by Meatymc » Sun Oct 28, 2018 10:30 am

orlando wrote:
Fri Oct 26, 2018 7:19 am
As this has happened with 2 different brews with the common denominator the yeast I suspect the age and storing conditions of it might be the common factor. I rarely use dried yeast for fermenting Beer but know that dried yeast to bake bread deteriorate very quickly once opened. I'm sure you didn't open yours and use it later but longer storage under ambient conditions could have had a similar effect.
I don't use much dried yeast either - usually scavange from previous brews, but I'd run out of everything without realising. Foolishly didn't check the sell-by dates on the 2 packets I bought - rushed down to Boyes, back home in 15 minutes, rehydrated the 1st packet and straight into the 1st brew. The 2nd packet was pitched (into the 2nd brew) 3 days later.

Re-pitched into both brews and both have only dropped another couple of points so, although yeast seems the most likely cause, I wonder if something else is at play.

Did two 5 gallon brews yesterday - a Sierra Nevada clone and my usual IPA recipe. Again, no scavanged yeast available so using rehydrated S-05. Never had a problem with this yeast (before I started scavenging) so we'll see how these 2 go. I've only space for 1 in the brew fridge (which was in query on the 1st problem) so the other will have to be a 'wrapped up' job but I managed 17 satisfactory brews this way before I got the fridge.

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