Free Harvested and Washed Whitelabs Saison/Brett Blend

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Free Harvested and Washed Whitelabs Saison/Brett Blend

Post by steviebobs83 » Wed Dec 19, 2018 11:03 pm

Not sure if this is under the right category or even if it's common practice but here goes...

I've recently brewed a saison with this yeast which included 10% rye and 10% Melanoidin which turned out spectacularly IMHO.

I've harvested and washed yeast times before to good effect and thought, since I'd spent a bit more on this one, I'd best make the effort.

Anyhoo, I now have 6 jars of the stuff and, whilst I love a saison, it's more than I can handle.

If anyone in the North East of England is willing to collect, PM me and you can have some for nowt. It's really good.

If I have no takers, I'm going to do some experimenting with Lidl apple juice turbo cider but even then I think I'll have too much.

It was harvested 2 weeks ago and has been stored in my fridge ever since.

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