Bubble gum vodka

For any alcoholic brew that doesn't fit into any of the above categories!
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Bubble gum vodka

Post by lord.president » Thu Nov 07, 2019 12:52 am

I’ve had a bottle of vodka in the cupboard for over a year, and have been trying to think what to do with it, other than soaking the spices for my gingerbread stout. I’ve had all sorts of ideas-cola bottles, pear drops, Kola Kubes, Glacier mints etc. I remember having Hubba Bubba soda many years ago, so opted on that. As I went to buy them, l found Anglo Bubbly in a big bag for 89p.
Anyway, l’ve put 15 of them in a jar with the vodka, and 2 days in, smells lovely. Planning on leaving them in for a week or two, to see if they dissolve, otherwise l will add a sugar solution.
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Re: Bubble gum vodka

Post by steviebobs83 » Sat Nov 09, 2019 11:17 am

I've heard skittles work well too

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