London Amateur Brewers - Meeting 5th September 2016

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London Amateur Brewers - Meeting 5th September 2016

Post by Jocky » Fri Aug 26, 2016 2:11 pm

Our next meeting will be at UBrew, Arches 29-30, 24 Old Jamaica Road, London, SE16 4AW on Monday 5th September.

As always the meeting is free and there is no obligation.

This month there will be a presentation to the group on the subject of Fining and Beer Clarity.

If you have any news items that you’d like to talk about, bring them to the group. Similarly, if you have a brewing question for the Q&A section that you’d like to be answered by the group bring it along and we’ll discuss it.

Members Tastings
Please remember to bring in at least two litres of beer if you intend getting feedback from the whole group during the formal tasting session. We ask any BJCP & Guild judges to please wear your badges if you are willing to taste and give feedback to anyone during the informal session.

18:30 Arrive and get a beer
19:00 Introductions, news & updates and Q&As
19:30 Presentation: Fining
20:15 Break and top up/exchange beers
20:30 Members Tastings
21:30 End of organised activity/Informal tastings
22:00 Meeting to close
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