Northern Craft brewers Huddersfield meeting Feb 3rd 2018

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Northern Craft brewers Huddersfield meeting Feb 3rd 2018

Post by NorthernCraft » Sat Jan 27, 2018 10:56 pm

Saturday 3rd February 2018, meet 12 pm for 1 pm start
Venue:- The Sportsman, Huddersfield
1. Welcome and introductions
2. Topic for the year: - Hops
a. Anybody for Tea? – A presentation with samples regarding Hop teas and general discussion A. Steer
3. Good, Bad & Ugly – members' beers: ones they like, ones with a problem and others slightly off the wall! Bring a couple of bottles for discussion and maybe gain some tips. It would help discussions if you complete a NCB Recipe master Form (attached but also on website) and return before the meeting to go in the notes.
4. Beer of the day competition tasting – Bring your best beer along and vote for the Beer of the Day
5. Meetings and future plans
a. Club Activities for 2018 – Any volunteers to organise something at the meeting?
b. Wishbone Brewery Keighley competition New England IPA - can we do more here?
c. MCB Competition proposal

All welcome

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