Something like an APA

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Re: Something like an APA

Post by Kev888 » Fri Nov 02, 2018 8:58 pm

I want to to mention how the unplanned little extra turned out:
Kev888 wrote:
Sat Oct 20, 2018 2:45 pm
The efficiency was better than predicted, so the post-boil wort was liquored back to the intended gravity.. ..which meant a few litres extra. The additional runnings I took (intending them for starters) were rendered down - darkening them considerably in the process - and combined to make enough for another 8L. It won't be such good quality as the main batch, but waste not want not and all that. I'm also trying windsor in this one:
This one wasn't dry hopped, though some willamette (that had previously been used at flame-out in the main batch) were transferred to the saucepan in which this was being boiled, for bittering purposes. Without all the late and dry hops of the main batch, and with being darkened by rendering down, it has actually turned out as a pretty nice traditional bitter - towards the malty end of the style. Surprisingly good in fact - in spite of its humble/afterthought origins.

Partly that is due to the rich malts used (and batch sparging is fairly kind on the gravity of late/extra runnings), but also the Windsor yeast have made quite a contribution. I don't use many dried yeast these days, but have been making an effort to try some newer types lately; after all that, Windsor is still my favourite by quite a margin - a pity it doesn't suit all styles really.

It has cleared faster than the M44, and neither the relatively pale grains nor the (used) willamette employed for bittering have left any rough edges at all. So I'm actually drinking it now, about two weeks after brew day. I'd put it up against something like London Pride any day, but I can't take credit for this since its a complete accident! I suspect though, it will probably influence how I make malty bitters in future.

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