AG BIAB #11 Moist Saison 29/03/18

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AG BIAB #11 Moist Saison 29/03/18

Post by wolfenrook » Fri Mar 30, 2018 9:05 am

I actually brewed this yesterday, but was too tired to post about it, so here it is now.

Another Saison, my go to style when I want to use something up. In this case it was a bunch of hop pellets in the freezer that I've had since I started all grain brewing....

It was also an opportunity to try to fine tune my recirculation system on my ACE boiler, suspending the steamer insert rather than placing it on the grain, tweaking the flow whilst mashing and sparging and also experimenting with the length of the sparge recirculation period.


Batch size: 23 Litres. OG: 1.047. Colour: 8.4 EBC. Bitterness IBUs: 17 Tinseth. FG: 1.004.

90 minute mash @ 65 degrees C, 23 Litres strike water @ 68 degrees C. Mash out at 75 degrees C (rising over 7 minutes) for 10 minutes. Sparge with 6 litres of water @ 75 degrees C, recirculating for 15 minutes.

75 minute boil.


Gypsum 5g
Dingemans Pilsen Malt 2701g 3.5 EBC
Crisp Maris Otter Malt 1500g 6 EBC
Munich Malt 320g 17.7 EBC
IREKS Light Munich Malt 270g 22 EBC
Torrefied Wheat 200g 3.3 EBC

Hops etc:-

8g Pilgrim 9.3% AA whole hops @ 75 minutes

1/2 Protafloc @ 15 minutes

8g cracked coriander @ 5 minutes
20g Citra 12.6% AA pellets @ 5 minutes
21g Amarillo 9% AA pellets @ 5 minutes
21g Mosaic 12% AA pellets @ 5 minutes

34.1g Amarillo 9% AA pellets @ 0 minutes (flame out)
48.5g Citra 12.6% AA pellets @ 0 minutes (flame out)

The tweaks and tuning worked nicely, nice clear wort from the mash and crystal clear run-off from the sparge. I do however have some more fittings on order from brew builder for a slight redesign (mounting the pump directly to the boiler tap with a quick disconnect for example), more about that once I have them fitted and can post photographs.

The 75 minute boil was done at full power, and I ended up having to use some Brupaks anti-foam spray. All the stirring in the world wouldn't settle it down again, and it was climbing right out of the boiler in a big foamy mess... So it got spritzed, and settled back down. The one problem I had was with such a small quantity of whole hops the last part of transfer was marred by trub getting sucked up and into the FV through the tap. As mentioned though, this was using pellets up (they went in a bag, so could have been worst), only pellets I have now are some Nelson Sauvin and a tiny quantity of Cascade. So although the wort was crystal clear into the FV, there is a thickish layer of trub on the bottom of the FV.

After the boil, I cooled quickly (slower than last time though, thanks to reduced flow caused by the trub clogging the bazooka a bit, making for less of a whirlpool effect through the IC) down to 19 degrees C, transferred to FV and topped up to 23 litres, moving the OG from 1.068 (way above target) down to 1.051 (a little above target). Leaving me slightly over target OG, but with the target volume in the FV, so a good result really.

Yeast I pitched 1 packet of MJ's M29 French Saison that I had re-hydrated, and it's already bubbling nicely (even though the heating went off in the night), and will doubtless be going nuts by tonight... lol

The aroma of the hops and coriander was amazing! Both in the pots before they went in, and whilst boiling. A lovely blend of fruity and spicy. I'm fairly positive that the Mosaic will probably end up drowned out by the Citra and Amarillo, but should still be a nice beer, gotta love a fruity saison. :wink:

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