Comments on Imperial IPA recipe

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Comments on Imperial IPA recipe

Post by bi0 » Thu Oct 20, 2016 3:28 pm


I'm extract/steeping grains newbie looking to brew a recipe from Greg Hughes' Home Brew Beer book for Imperial IPA.

As my kettle capacity is quite small (only 15l), I've used the calculator on to try and produce a recipe that uses a smaller boil size and is then topped up in the fermentor. I think I've kept things fairly close to the source recipe, I was just wondering if there's any major pitfalls I've not thought about?

The recipe's online at ... perial-ipa

Thanks in advance,


Re: Comments on Imperial IPA recipe

Post by OldConkerwood » Thu Oct 20, 2016 10:32 pm

Hi Sean, I brew the same way, only my stockpot will only take 9lts with 3inches of headroom.
I had no problems brewing good beer( from Graham wheelers Book 3rd edition) I also use his simple "Beer Engine". If I want a smaller brew, I put in the original recipe then alter the volume I'm making "hey presto" it works the weights out for a smaller batch.
Although I usually make batches of 19 or 23lts cool the wort to about 50C-60C then when I top up with cold water the temp is around pitching temp. your IPA recipe looks good, but I don't stock a lot of different hops!

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