2nd Brew - Blue Moon Style Extract Brew Questions

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2nd Brew - Blue Moon Style Extract Brew Questions

Post by MTomlinson » Sun Sep 01, 2019 12:26 pm

I have one brew under my belt, which was an IPA recipe kit by Northern Brewer that came with the NB Deluxe Starter Kit.

I was hoping to do another NB kit (American Wheat) for my second brew but Iv found out they do not ship to the U.K.

I can’t seem to find an American Wheat kit that’s available in the U.K., and since I want to make something similar to Blue Moon anyway, Iv decided il just source the ingredients myself and use the NB kit instructions from their website as a guide.

https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/2785/ ... 7498318451

I plan to do 2x 2.5 gallon batch’s, 2.5 gallon Blue Moon clone and 2.5 gallon Blue Moon style but with a different fruit component instead of orange.

So I have a few queries:

Wheat malt extract - the last kit (IPA) I had both LME and DME included. The wheat kit instructions only specify LME. From what I understand either LME or DME can be used so why was both used in the last recipe I did ?

The last kit I had involved steeping grains, is there a steeping step I could add that would get me closer to a Blue Moon style or is it not necessary ? The partial mash blue moon clone recipe I have seen involves multiple grains aswel as the malt extract.

How do I incorporate the fruit components into the brew process ?

For the clone batch I need to add orange and coriander
For the experiment batch I’m thinking of adding mango or blueberry

The American Wheat instructions specify Willamette and Cascade Hops, but according to Blue Moon clone recipes I have seen I need Hellertau Hops. However it doesn’t specify which type of Hellertau I need there multiple available. Which will be best ?

The American Wheat instructions specify Saf US-05 or Wy1010 yeast but according the Blue Moon recipes I have seen they suggest Wy1056. Which will be best ? From what I understand I need a neutral yeast that dosnt overly effect flavour.

Any help and guidance appreciated.

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Re: 2nd Brew - Blue Moon Style Extract Brew Questions

Post by sandimas » Sun Sep 01, 2019 3:21 pm

I brewed a partial-mash Wit yesterday, the one from the Greg Hughes book. I used dried yeast MJ21 Belgian Wit as I've used before.

I don't think it matters too much on the type of Hallertau as with Wit's all the hops go in at the start of the boil for bitterness. I'd just go with what you can get.

I can't think why they used LME and DME in your last kit, as you say you can use either. LME has water content so you need more of it compared to DME.

For the orange and coriander, add it 5mins from the end of the boil (I did this yesterday). Not sure about fruit, never used it in beer.

I've had a look at a few Blue Moon recipe on the web but can't see one with steeping grain, can you provide a link? It should be fairly easy to make up a recipe, it's best to size the recipe for full bags of DME or cans on LME as you don't want any left-overs as it won't keep.

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Re: 2nd Brew - Blue Moon Style Extract Brew Questions

Post by Robwalkeragain » Sun Sep 01, 2019 3:23 pm

LME/DME - no idea, they’re the same thing, although they vary in what gravity you’ll get per kg.

Mango - indian section of supermarket, pulped tinned mango is cheap and sterile so just pour it in after fermentation and let it ferment again.

US-05 is fine. No need for liquid yeast

Hop variety don’t sweat it too much, hop aroma is very low in blue moon and the fruit will overpower everything, so just use a bittering hop and get your IBU correct for your boil addition. You probably want Hallertau Tradition or Mittelfruh, blanc is much fruiter, might be nice in this style though.

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