Fridges and freezers that fit two cornys

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Fridges and freezers that fit two cornys

Post by Leard » Fri Jan 12, 2024 3:43 pm

My keezer recently broke down, and I'm currently looking for a new one. I'd rather not buy a new fridge/freezer as there seem to be plenty of secondhand ones. Well, plenty of secondhand fridges. Freezers are harder to come by, at least one that'll fit two cornys. Many have those stupid little steps which means you can't fit two cornys and a gas cannister (which I can in my broken one). If I get one that's too big, it won't fit in my car.

Fridges are obviously harder to determine if you can fit two cornys. Often the temperature dial sits right in the way of allowing two to sit comfortably. There's also a step at the bottom sometimes, and shelving on the door also limits space.

Can anybody give examples of what size fridge (in litres), or the brand of fridge, that fits two cornys?

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Re: Fridges and freezers that fit two cornys

Post by vacant » Fri Jan 12, 2024 5:42 pm

About five years ago I was given an old Hotpoint First Edition fridge.
  • I removed the temperature control housing as my STC1000 would do that job - easy.
  • I hacked out part of the shelf supports and part of the bottom door frame to give more space - easy.
  • The cooling plate went from the front, along the top, bent down the back then bent out again towards the front to form an ice shelf. I bent that shelf down to the back - not advised as you can split a pipe and leak coolant, but what the hell!
I could get two cornies in with beerline and gas passing through a cut in the door seal. Still working as my fermenting/conditioning/storage fridge.

Conclusion: hack away carefully at any free fridge you can get your hands on!

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