Force or Natural Carbonation in Keg for Heffweisen

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Force or Natural Carbonation in Keg for Heffweisen

Post by Rhodesy » Wed Sep 06, 2017 8:42 am

I currently have a Heff just finishing off in a FV where I am currently undecided if I should force carbonate as usual in the keg or look to try natural carbonation in the keg using sugar and a priming calculator (Beersmith) after initially sealing using some co2.

I want to retain the hazy look a Heff has but was wondering if anyone on here had any experiences/opinions between the 2 methods for this style? If I were to carbonate naturally I have a spare temperature controlled fridge to store the keg in as well as an adjustable PRV with PSI gauge to allow me to regulate the pressure.

Thats where my main question comes in, as with the priming calculator I also know the required PSI for the volume I choose which is say set to 3, is it a case of just releasing any pressure if I check it a couple of times a day to ensure it stays within the required range? i am thinking in the event of the beer attenuating more in the keg than expected (if the yeast somehow wasnt fully done and kicks off again).

Anyway, I am interested if anyone has any thoughts or experience. Force carbonating is much easier but open to mixing it up a little.

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