Newbie help, have 310 maxi and brass taps

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Newbie help, have 310 maxi and brass taps

Post by Zaceverett » Mon Feb 18, 2019 9:22 pm

I have jus bought a maxi 310 2 product cooler it cam with pipes a regulator no gauge and missing screw, couple of secondaries on with gauge and an old brass tap one for carling extra cold and other for creamflow.

I don't think this has been used in years and not sure all the pipes fit together. The cooler fires up works.

Am I better getting a single primary reg with two guages or just buying one primary and getting couple of secondary with gauges?

I'm thinking moretti and dark fruits cider in kegs.

How do I clean the lines? Can this be done by hand?

Do I need a cellarbuoy?

Any help appreciated

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