New Hand Pump setup

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Re: New Hand Pump setup

Post by PeeBee » Sat May 25, 2019 9:58 am

MickJ wrote:
Fri May 24, 2019 10:01 pm
My 20-300mbar regulator was a myth! I'll not be receiving it.
What I have found is although you can find a adjustable / variable regulator in a pdf, you can't necessarily find it for sale on the internet......
But the best I have found was ebay UK 0-2 Bar 0-29 psi £14.50...... ... 1151693131

Amazon 0-10 psi made in the US by Nashfuel but only some sellers ship to Australia..
There are some copies on ebay from China also....... ... ay&sr=8-54

They are both high pressure regulators (over 0.5BAR, I'd guarantee they won't reliably adjust below 0.5BAR - 7.25PSI - either). The one you are quoting me from is 300milliBAR (0.3BAR, 4.3PSI). High pressure regulators are useless for handpumps, but may have other uses, as we've already discussed. They have POL connectors but it looks like they could be removed to leave a 1/4" BSP port? But they will use thread lock compounds so removing them wont be easy.

I know we've also discussed high-pressure propane regulators in this hand pump thread, but don't mix the two items unclearly because others are reading this and they shouldn't be given the wrong impression. And always stress they are secondary regulators; not to be directly attached to CO2 cylinders.

Always remember we're suggesting using these propane devices for purposes they were not designed for, and seriously misusing them could be lethally dangerous if the person using them isn't aware of the limitations.

I'll put my health and safety hat back in the corner now.


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