Teaching my coeliac son to make mead

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Teaching my coeliac son to make mead

Post by oldbloke » Wed Mar 02, 2022 1:12 am

1 demijohn = 1 gallon = 4.5 litres
20gm sugar per litre = 1%ABV (approx)
1 pound sugar per gallon = 5%ABV (approx)
1 pound = 454gm

2 pounds honey + 1 pound syrup => 15%
... but they're only about 80% fermentable, so 12% (approx)
1 litre apple juice = 106gm sugar
1 litre fruit juice = 115gm sugar
221gm sugar in 2litres = 5.5%
In a gallon, divide by 4.5: 1.2%
So a bit over 13% total. Allowing for losses at racking etc, call it 12% Wine strength

Pour juices honey and syrup into a large pan, using hot water from kettle to rinse all honey and syrup from containers
Heat gently until all nicely dissolved - add more water if necessary
Pour through funnel into sanitised demijohn
Top up to about an inch below shoulder
Allow to cool to around 28degreesC
Add plenty of nutrient and the yeast
Fit airlock
Might be a month, might be more

Siphon off sediment to clean demi
When clear, siphon to bottles. Add 1tsp sugar per pint for sparkling mead.

Leave a couple of weeks somewhere warm to carbonate.
Store somewhere cool.


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