This is a tremendous kit

Discuss making up beer kits - the simplest way to brew.
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This is a tremendous kit

Post by mikenotts » Thu Apr 30, 2020 11:53 pm


I bought 2 of these (was on offer, about £6 a can, I bought £200 of kits, juts pre lockdown, 2 of these, [ ... ager-p3701] combined them, i kilo of malt extract - fantastic beer, deeeeelish even when sipping on a 10 day AG check; Can't currently buy for obvious reasons, but this really is a fantastic kit. 8 kits left:

Coopers Premium Selection - IPA
Coopers Bundle Kits - Irish Stout
Coopers International Bundle Kits Mexican Cerveza
Coopers Original Bundle Kits - Real Ale
Coopers International Bundle Kits - Australian Pale Ale
Coopers Original Bundle Kits - Dark Ale
Coopers Original Bundle Kits - Draught
Coopers Original Bundle Kits - Stout

I've drank 3-4 kits brews already (lost track - its all a haze since lock down); no idea how long this will last, or how easy it will be to re0rder; I've brewed all grain before and I'd like to order multi kilos of grain and a lot of hops, but this seems imposs at present; I guess if I run dry, it will do my liver some good.

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Re: This is a tremendous kit

Post by cwrw gwent » Tue Oct 13, 2020 12:50 pm

Have you made the Coopers Irish Stout yet (not the Coopers original stout) and how did it turn out?

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