ANGEL HOMEBREW - NEW 70L brewdevil

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ANGEL HOMEBREW - NEW 70L brewdevil

Post by angelHomeBrew » Tue Aug 04, 2020 5:58 pm


NEW 70L BREWDEVIL on preorder now ... 60015.html

⭐ Larger more powerful 16L/min magnetic drive pump
⭐ Telescopic overflow pipe
⭐ Upgraded bottom malt pipe filter plate
⭐ Extra malt pipe feet for 3 stage lift
⭐ Angled display
⭐ Sight Glass kit
⭐ Larger 16M immersion chiller available

Package deal available here includes following items ... 60015.html

⭐ Hop Spider
⭐ Larger 16M stainless steel coil immersion chiller
⭐ Insulation Jacket
⭐ Whirlpool Arm

Latest 30L and 50L Brewdevil also on pre-order now

Vessel scheduled to dock 8th Sept so expect to be sending out pre-orders the following week

Angel Homebrew

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