Using the Home Brew Suppliers Forum

A pre-moderated forum where suppliers can advertise their business. Please start a new topic for each entry. YOUR POST WILL NOT BE VISIBLE UNTIL A MODERATOR APPROVES IT.
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Using the Home Brew Suppliers Forum

Post by Jim » Sat Apr 26, 2014 4:29 pm

As it says on the tin, this forum is for suppliers to post their details. To prevent abuse, posts will not appear until they have been approved by a member of the JBK team.

To post your details here: -

1. Create a 'New Topic' using the button near the top left.

2. Type your company name in the Subject: and post something about your product range in the text box.

3. Press Submit (you will get a message telling you that your post must be approved by a moderator first - this is normal)

4. A moderator will see your post in the moderation queue and approve it
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