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Post by niels » Sun Jun 14, 2015 9:23 am

HomebrewShop.be is a new webshop for homebrew supplies. It started very small with only As BrewTech, Speidel and The Grainfather, but over the last 3 months a lot more equipment and ingredients were added to the product range.

The aim is to serve home brewers and to deliver a high quality product range for a fair price.

Since business is picking up pretty well we'll be moving to a new location in July with a lot more storage space. Expect another expansion of the product range in the coming weeks (e.g. kags, taps, 25 kg malt bags, ...).

We are very customer focussed and take customer satisfaction seriously. Fast response times (e-mail and telephone), fast shipping and fair shipping rates are standard included in our service.

Visit us at https://homebrewshop.be