Doncaster home brew group

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Doncaster home brew group

Post by smeggedup » Sat May 03, 2014 10:24 am

Doncaster home brew group

Has been running over a year now, regularly meet up on the first Tuesday of each month,
We've hosted many things such as professional brewer talks, chilli comp, beer comps.
Meet ups are held in the cask corner generally refered to as the home of Doncasters real ale.

We've kit brewers, beginners and experienced all grain brewers always offer brewdays, and special offers.

We've a very active Facebook page that is packed full of information.

We've also a group brew kit that can be lent out once the user understands the process

Contact us to join in on the awesomeness

Twitter : @donnyhomebrew
Facebook : search Doncaster Homebrew
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