Grainfather app question

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Grainfather app question

Post by Robhaigh » Tue Feb 06, 2018 12:48 am

Hi all.
New GF user here. Done 1 brew ,a neipa ... turned out ok, not great, just ok. Think I just rushed everything and was a bit too ambitious with my first brew! Learnt loads though.
Now on my second brew , a chinook and citra pale.... fingers crossed it will be better!

Anyway, here’s my question.
Using the app on my phone if let’s say I am at beginning of the boil and think ‘hmmm, I have yo mins to now go do something else’
I go inside the house ( my brew gear is in the garage). And I am now out of range of the gf.
You would think, great, the timer on the app will tell me when to return to the gf.
The timer on the app now seems to get all screwy, perhaps it’s the phone ‘going to sleep’ and putting the app in the background or something but , glance at the app after 30mins and it says something stupid like 45mins left.
Walk to within Bluetooth rang of the gf and the time jumps to the correct time left on the boil.

Not a showstopper but, annoying.

Anyone else seen this?

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