Parry Boiler elements

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lord groan
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Parry Boiler elements

Post by lord groan » Sun May 26, 2013 9:22 pm

Anyone got any Parry boiler experience? I picked a CWB6 up for a song the other day, very shiny and it boils up very nicely, notionally 27l capacity but seems to be about 36l to the brim. Want to insulate and use as my hlt BUT the element is one of the concealed circular ones and the surface is a bit oxidised and beginning to get pitted. I'm guessing it's aluminium, anyway I was thinking of getting a replacement but discovered they are going to cost £40-£50 after P&P etc. Way way more than I paid for the whole boiler
Does anyone know of a cheaper alternative?

I've measured it up, it's circular and 115mm in diameter, not sure of mounting points yet.
In my finest cheapskate mode, having got a 2nd element for my existing boiler from an old kettle I realised that the kettles with quick boil concealed elements might measure up. Measured the diameter of SWMBO's kettle element, exactly 115mm!! Whoohoo :D , knew better than to try using that one so got a duff kettle from my friendly local tip to practise on, found out 3 important things, 1. yes its a 115mm element, 2. its welded directly to the ss kettle base and isn't removable, grrr :( and 3. people throw perfectly good kettles away, cos the element is in perfect working order.

So please, anybody know of a cheap version/supplier of this size element, or a kettle with a removable concealed element?


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Re: Parry Boiler elements

Post by Fil » Mon May 27, 2013 3:24 am

If it works a bit of pitting shouldn't be an issue when using as a hlt, using as a boiler with an acidic wort may be cause for concern, but as the premash liquor is idealy less acidic and more alkili?? i wouldnt loose any sleep over using it at all.

If used for water only in the past the pitting is probably a side effect of descaling with a caustic or acidic compound??
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