Grifo Capper - rusty spring?

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Grifo Capper - rusty spring?

Post by hambrook » Thu Aug 04, 2016 7:40 am

I bought the Super Grifo capper 7 weeks ago and have used it to bottle 5 batches of beer. Two weeks ago I started getting rusty marks on the bottle caps and then the magnet fell out. I unscrewed the silver cap and a rusty spring fell out of the centre of the Grifo. I was shocked to see a non-stainless steel spring in an environment which is exposed to beer / sterilising fluid etc. This seems like a significant design flaw. Clearly the rusting of this spring is causing the brown stain on all the crown caps. I always spray my crown caps with StarSan no rinse sanitiser to minimise any chance of infection.

I purposely upgraded from a £30 cheap capper to a heavy duty version so that I could have a reliable capper that would not let me down. I now have a caper with a magnet that has come out (so wont hold any crown caps) and that leaves a rusty smudge on my crown caps that has to be wiped off each bottle.

Anyone else had this issue and is there an alternative professional bench capper assuming I have to return this?
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