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Re: Hose connections

Post by patwestlake » Fri May 04, 2018 9:19 pm

Have used both QD and camlock and much prefer the camlock. Never had one leak on me and on the hot duties, the arms make it easy to hold without getting any hot liquid on your skin when moving them. Take off the key rings though as they will get in the way, no matter how tempting it is to leave one on so you can hook it up!

I have, however lost several litres of 75degC strike water to a QD coupling that wasn't quite home. And that's probably the biggest difference - it's really obvious when a camlock isn't made - it's either loose because the seal has fallen out or the arms are sticking out. As the QDs are arms naturally tighter fit, it's less obvious when they aren't right - all personal opinion of course.

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