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Alternative to S30

Post by Mooney3 » Sun Oct 14, 2018 10:36 pm

Hi, I am new to home brewing and have only recently done 2 extract brews, a coopers European lager and a coopers dark ale brew, and a 30 bottle pino grigio. I have jumped straight in at the deep end and bought a decent stainless steel set-up for all grain which I will try in a couple of weeks after I complete the buying of the necessary fittings for the control of the pump etc. Anyway, rather than bottle, I want to keg and feed to a couple of pumps I have purchased to set up a bar in my converted garage. As I say I am new and I will take any advice.
I have a few PB's with S30 valve. I want to set up a bar multi tap system in my converted garage. For the Lager and Cider I was thinking of the below set-up. It would be similar for a Stout but with mixed gas bottle and reg, And again similar for a cask ale but with beer engine pump.
I was thinking I could replace the s30's with a JG 3/8 bulkhead fitting, and regulate the CO2 with a primary & secondary regulator from a modified Fire extinguisher (turned upside down and purged to ensure no liquid in draw tube) with a shut-off valve after the primary reg.
The set up may seem strange to some, but I had the extinguisher so I thought I would save a bit of money.
Providing I set the pressures right and the barrels hold the pressure, can anyone see other problems I may run into.
The feed out of the barrels to the pumps will also be through JG bulkhead instead of std tap.
The lager and Cider will be refridgerated to controlled temp.
The beers will be at garage room temp.

Any advice appreciated.



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