hydrometer temp correction

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Re: hydrometer temp correction

Post by orlando » Fri Jan 25, 2013 2:35 pm

sophiawhite wrote: Don't stick the hydrometer into the whole batch. Use a sanitized siphon or Wine Thief (turkey baster) to withdraw a sample of the wort to a Hydrometer Jar (tall, narrow jar) and float the hydrometer in that. There is less chance of infection and you can drink the sample to see how the fermentation is coming along
What's the difference? I buy your second reason and that's what I do it, but not the first, with both you require proper sanitation, I don't see how it reduces it.

Hydrometers are standardized at 15° C (59°F).
Mine says it is standardised to 20c which I was under the impression is now the norm, can you elaborate on this?
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