Cleaning a cornelius keg without moving it

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Cleaning a cornelius keg without moving it

Post by grahamotter » Mon Jul 30, 2018 9:19 pm

Hi folks,

I just wondered if anyone knows of a way to clean a corny keg without moving it. I've currently got 5 kegs in my keezer and it's a nice snug fit (also a major pain in the rear to try and get one out if needed)

Ideally I just need some advice on a way, if there is one, to clean these kegs without having to move them out of the keezer
This is what it currently looks like inside (please forgive the messiness of the lines etc but they will be tidied up at some point). As you can see it's a squeeze so I'd rather not have to constantly take a keg out to clean it every time it's emptied. I know there are some cleaning products available like PBW and Oxyclean (or something like that) but wondered if filling a keg with this and then flushing it through after a few hours would be good enough. I run beer line cleaning solution through the lines every 1 or 2 brews but that just sorts the lines out. I used to take an empty keg out and thoroughly clean the insides with soapy water and a cloth and then sanitise with Starsan before putting it back in

I've seen some kind of cloth propeller type thing which you can attach to a drill that may do the trick but again, just thought it may be worth asking others' advice on their experiences

Kind regards,

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Re: Cleaning a cornelius keg without moving it

Post by Fil » Tue Jul 31, 2018 4:08 am

fwiw my cleaning/sanitation routine involves liquids only in the keg no hands/implements involved. just warmwater + generic fragrance free laundry oxi for a good 15minute+ soak 2 x rinses and a sanitation treatment with starsan.

i do however manipulate the keg standing it on its base, then top with just over a half full keg of cleaning solution, and squirt cleaner, rinses, and sanitation thru both dip tubes/poppets.

You could perhaps totally fill your kegs in situ? venting out the prv, and squirt thru the poppets with pressure (fizzy oxi solution should generate pressure on its own..)

But I would consider using paper towels to remove the last of the cleaning solution pre rinses as there will be a significant residue otherwise.
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Re: Cleaning a cornelius keg without moving it

Post by Robwalkeragain » Tue Jul 31, 2018 10:15 am

If it were me doing that I'd opt for a no/low rinsing cleaner. The main issue for me is that your trub etc will ultimately travel through the dip tube and risk clogs, and there will be a small amount of residue that the dip tube won't pick up, so would need to be filled and rinsed a few times until there's definitely nothing left.

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Re: Cleaning a cornelius keg without moving it

Post by ciderhead » Tue Jul 31, 2018 12:15 pm

I feel your pain but really think by the time your flush in and drain out with some kind of pump it would be be same hassle as just lifting them out. At least out you know you’ll be able to give them a thorough scutching.

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