Miscellaneous Bits For Sale

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Miscellaneous Bits For Sale

Post by rowyourboat » Sun Sep 13, 2020 4:48 pm

Few small items for sale. Pics attached below.

- Grain Mill
Bought for crushing my own grain for but never got around to using it. Had plans to mount it and make a bigger funnel for grain intake but never happened so it's unused.

- Refractometer
Dual Scale, Specific Gravity 1.000-1.120 & Brix 0-32%
Includes a usb light. Bought on impulse but decided to stick with a trusty hydrometer so never used.

- Wine Corker
Ferrari brand so comes in red obviously.

- Thermostatic WInemaking Heater
Errr, so this was given to me years ago, and I have never used it and found it in the back of a cupboard. Plugged it in and it still works... stick it in a demijohn to maintain temperature by the look of things. As you can tell from the pic it's pretty old...
£0 if anyone wants it!

Can send via Hermes - price probably between £3-£7 for standard delivery depending on total package weight. Contact me if interested in anything. Open to sensible offers.


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