SOLD. Boil controller with digital display

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SOLD. Boil controller with digital display

Post by Eclipse9101 » Sun Oct 27, 2019 4:05 pm

I'm selling my custom made boil control box. It is now surplus to requirements as I have built a custom PID control panel for my brewing needs.

The box has a digital display which shows mains voltage and the amp draw you are currently pulling through it.

Single gang plug socket on top of box so you can plug your element in. It has a fan inside to keep things cool, aswell as a large heatsink. The way I used it was I had 1 element in my boilbkettle plugged into normal mains fully on. And the 2nd element ran through this control box. So I was able to dial in a perfect boil with fine control.

I'm looking for £40 postage will be £5

Pm me if interested. Cheers.

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