Drinkin' in Boston (day 1)

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Drinkin' in Boston (day 1)

Post by Chrissyr63 » Tue May 05, 2015 10:05 pm

hi all,

luck enough to visited Boston (MA) at the weekend and had some really nice beers so thought I would put it here.
Just so I don't do an overly long post will split this into Saturday and Sunday (drank Monday of course but that was just a mop up!)

Saturday daytime we thought we would try the Cambridge Brew Company as that was where our hotel was near. Seems it was their 26th anniversary
so was busy.

Tried their IPA (Tall Pale Ale) and amber (Cambridge Amber) and both nice but typical US brew pub fare I think.
I did have their Charles River Porter from the cask and that was good - lots of bitter coffee and not too much gas. Wanted to try their Red Eye stout
but was not on.
To start wife went for a Pilsner (and liked) and the went onto the:
Lush Life '14 - Belgian quadruple ale fermented with cherries and raspberries in Napa valley Merlot barrels.
Elegantly fruity, yet fun and funky (8.8%).
(bit of a two footed all in tackle on her part I think as she usually drinks wine - but was a nice tipple).

They had an outside bar that seemed to be doing the specials. So the wife went for:
Le Saisonaire '14
Grisette-style saison with oats, rye and buckwheat. Hopped with Spalt and Hallertauer, tart fruity, spicy grain flavour bolster spice
notes and citrus from our house Belgian yeats (4.0%)

She went for second on this so liked it.

I had a
Lemmy - Motor oil rich stout oak aged 10 months. Lemmy's wort (heh) uses roast wheat instead of barley, with softer, rounded roast complexity,
bitter chocolate, expresso-roast and a Snaggletooth of funk from Lacto and Brett (7.8%).
Was nice and dry (probably the L&B) and didn't drink like a 7.8% but didn't get the coffee\choc they mention (maybe spoil by the earlier bitter porter).

Both finished off sharing a:
Hay is For Horses'14
Collaboration of brewers. 1st cut sweet hay lends fresh grassiness with yarrow, heather and local honey (5.4%)
Neither of us thought this outstanding - very drinkable but just nothing that you would note.

At that stage we decided to retire to the hotel bar. Still surprised she drank so much beer!

Good beer place to visit and and the city is a great place to visit .


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Re: Drinkin' in Boston (day 1)

Post by Goulders » Tue May 05, 2015 10:24 pm

20 years since I was in Boston. I remember going to Boston Beer Works near Fenway Park. I think it was one of the first brewpubs and they seem to have expanded hugely since then. Can't remember what the beer was like though!

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