Meantime African queen

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Meantime African queen

Post by Fastline » Wed Sep 07, 2016 8:03 pm

Well last night I tried a Sierra navarna gose beer, which must be the worst tasting beer I ever tasted, so feeling pretty dissatisfied I thought I would play it safe and pop in on meantime tap room on way home

They have a pilot series of beers not sure how often they change em but thought I'd see what was on offer, now I'm not the type of guy to throw beer away so when trying a new beer I instinctively order a pint just so I'm sure I really like the beer :D

Well after last nights disappointment I thought I would have a tester glass of the African queen pilot series beer at meantime which there more than happy to let you try

Anyone one mouthful and in heaven it's a very hoppy ipa 6%abv, right up my street, i can taste a grapefruit aftertaste, quiet bitter, very refreshing, Similar taste as there regular ipa im assuming same yeast whatever that may be? I'm no expert or beer sommelier as you can tell from this review.

There limited availability but I would say worth a try

The beer is named after the South African African queen hops used in it, not sure if or where these are available

Either way anyway whatever think the abv is taking effect, I'd say give it a go. But yep but hold tight for the price.....
Well it's £6.50 a pint yep £6.50 well what I'd say is my Homebrew talents are nowhere near as good as meantimes expertise so I'll pay it, you only live once and gives me inspiration to get my all grain kit sorted so I can at least have a go at producing a pint as well balanced as this. You can justify paying the money if you have transitioned from drinking weak tasteless lager for years

Got my thumbs up as one you should try before you die

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