Planck Length Brewery - Delta 5.3% sunny_jimbob

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Planck Length Brewery - Delta 5.3% sunny_jimbob

Post by ArmChair » Tue Jul 22, 2014 8:51 pm

Planck Length Brewery - Delta 5.3%


Opens with a good hiss, the carbonation in the bottle is fantastic. The beer pours with a murky orange colour with a golen hue. There is a nice off white fluffy head, that has good lacing and lasts throughout.

On the nose you get grapefruit, lime, tropical fruits, with a grassy aroma.

It has a nice smooth refreshing mouth feel, with a medium body and slightly oily residue on the back of the palate. There is also a dryness in the mouth.
On to the flavour and the first thing you get is a crisp clean bitterness, that develops in to a citrus flavour, one with lemon, grapefruit and tropical fruits. There is also a Late spicyness on the back of the throat. This is a well hopped ale, with big floural and citrus notes.

Very nice partial mash brew, one to be proud of.
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