Mixed Fermentation

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Mixed Fermentation

Post by Cobnut » Thu Jul 11, 2019 12:01 pm

I was trying to propagate some weissbier yeast from the dregs of a couple of bottles of (very nice) Weihenstephaner weissbier and this happened:

It wasn't there at 7pm last night, but 12 hours later is surely is. And the smell is very much like a sour beer.

So my thinking is I have my house "wild yeast" strain for use in more esoteric beers.

Anyone out there got experience of this sort of thing?

Any precautions I need to take?

Current thinking is to park this away to let it ferment out and then keep it in the fridge til I'm ready to use it (probably initially in a saison primarily fermented with a commercial saison yeast strain).

Am I mad?
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