Buyer beware. Suspect shop reviews.

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Buyer beware. Suspect shop reviews.

Post by minesapint » Fri Feb 26, 2016 10:47 pm

Not sure if this is one for The Tap Room or Equipment.

I recently purchased some gear from one of the well known dealers that is frequently mentioned on these forums.
When prompted I filled in reviews for some of the equipment that I had purchased. My reviews were not derogatory of the dealer or the product but my honest opinions of the gear.
After two months my reviews have still not been added to the dealers website.
When I looked at other items there, I could not find a single negative review.
I think one of the rules for this forum is not to name businesses when writing negative material . A fair rule I think.
I would therefore encourage purchasers to look carefully at the feedback and reviews more carefully when buying from home brew shops and equipment sellers.
A 100% good record is a very excellent result if genuinely achieved.
Buyer beware.



Re: Buyer beware. Suspect shop reviews.

Post by techtone » Sat Feb 27, 2016 3:51 pm

Not taking away from your post but this happens in many places. I bought some socks from a very well known high street department store a few years ago. They were not cheap but the quality was truly awful. I wrote a true, honest and accurate review and also contacted customer services, expecting that such a well known brand would take the issue seriously. Not only was the review deleted, leaving a small number of good reviews but customer services did not even reply. Obviously I don't shop there anymore and know their reviews cannot be trusted.

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