Malt Miller Weyermann Premiere Pilsner Malt

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Malt Miller Weyermann Premiere Pilsner Malt

Post by BenB » Sun Sep 18, 2016 10:38 pm

Anyone used this?

Tomorrow I'm using this stuff to pay homage to a Belgian Dubbel. It's the Greg Hughes recipe. It uses Belgian Wit yeast which has shat itself out of the 2L starter flask (I forgot how active these Belgian yeasts are- going to need a bigger FV, may last Belgian puked itself out of the bubbler and spraypainted the lid on my fermentation chamber!!!!). Recently I've been reading "Brew Like a Monk" which of course said "don't use a Belgian Wit yeast in a Dubbel" so I'm going to anyway....

Anyhows. Next brew up is the Clone Brews Castle Lager (wife and all her family are from S.Africa and keep on saying my beers are nice "but they're not lager").... and this uses even more of the stuff.... Don't worry after that it's some proper beer (Fullers ESB clone with some good old M.O.).

Sorry- tend to wander.... The Castle Lager recipe calls for a 30 min protein rest at 50 degrees. Weyermann say it's highly modified (suggesting might not be needed or even counter-productive) but some years figures suggest it's actually not massively modified. The 2015 Weyermann harvest seems to have a Kolbach Index between 36 and 42.5 which seems not so bad but other years I've seen low to mid 30s.

So has anyone used it in what is essentially a "light lager" and how did it go (with or without protein rest)???? Don't want to kill head retention but my gut tells me Castle Lager is fairly thin- don't want a load of body on this one obviously.

And here's a thought- should HBSs tell us which harvest the malt is from?

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Re: Malt Miller Weyermann Premiere Pilsner Malt

Post by Dennis King » Sun Sep 18, 2016 11:01 pm

I've used it, to make a Belgium Dubbel, no protein rest. Used the Whitelabs trappist yeast. Turned out really well.

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Re: Malt Miller Weyermann Premiere Pilsner Malt

Post by Jocky » Mon Sep 19, 2016 9:50 am

I've used it to make Helles, Wit, and a bunch of other stuff. Absolutely no issues with conversion.

The floor malted bohemian pilsner malt from weyermann is the only one I've seen that is even slightly under modified.

I really can't see any reason to do a protein rest - every time I have done one my beer has been thin - not just lacking in body, but thin in a disappointing way. A single infusion at 67C though gave me the luscious body I wanted from my Helles.
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Re: Malt Miller Weyermann Premiere Pilsner Malt

Post by Haydnexport » Mon Sep 19, 2016 8:23 pm

its the grain i use the most , 15 or so batches with it , great stuff and quite good with head , even though i put a little flaked barley in to help it most of the time


Re: Malt Miller Weyermann Premiere Pilsner Malt

Post by BenB » Mon Sep 19, 2016 10:06 pm

Great! Thanks for confirming. Kind of confirmed my suspicions. Cheers! Good to know I can do a single infusion as per usual.

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