Wales Ales Bourbon Stout.

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Wales Ales Bourbon Stout.

Post by BarnsleyBrewer » Fri Nov 03, 2017 9:14 pm

Wales kindly sent me a bottle around 8 weeks ago and finally got around to drinking it last week and posting a review... :oops:

Opened with a nice hiss, and classic smoking gun... Poured good but with small head for a northern guy that disappeared quickly, but a quick swirl brought it back to life and it hung around until the last sip.
Pleasant smell, beautiful taste, slightly sweet fruity flavours, not sure if I can pick out the bourbon but I'm sure it added extra flavours..
I can honestly say this is top notch, nothing like a canned kit, and I can honestly say I could happily drink this in a boozer... 6% at a guess??
I know Wales does a good stout from the festival but this my Welsh buddy is excellent.

Thx Wales, got 2 bottles lined up for you.

Sorry about late tasting and review, will do that TC next

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Re: Wales Ales Bourbon Stout.

Post by GAZ9053 » Sun Feb 18, 2018 9:11 pm

I too was kindly sent a bottle of this,

as said opened with a nice hiss and a bit of smoke,

nice tight small head that lasted all the way, smelled great with a nice sweet liquorice taste, a hint of oak in the background.

another cracking stout WA


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