American Big Red Mosaic Ale

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American Big Red Mosaic Ale

Post by CestrIan » Sun Jan 20, 2019 12:56 am

This recipe is based loosely on Bobbers big red rye ale, but I got no rye, so certainly not a clone, but I've added special B and it is still late hopped with mosaic. Bittering with challenger for a smooth finish. I'm going big on the mosaic. This is gonna be amazing!

4.00 Kg Pale malt
1.00 Kg Vienna
0.50 Kg Caragold
0.25 Kg Dark Crystal
0.25 Kg Special B
1058 OG 6.0 %

36 IBU target

Challenger 10g 60 min
Challenger 30g 30 min
Mosaic 20g 10 min
Mosaic 20g 5 min
Mosaic 60g FO
Mosaic 100g Dry hop
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