Progress as promised (Calibration day at the Rat and Dolphin).

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Progress as promised (Calibration day at the Rat and Dolphin).

Post by Madbrewer » Sat Jul 27, 2019 3:40 pm

Following up from my introduction to the forum earlier this week - I eagerly bought the Grainfather and have just calibrated it (the volumes stencilled into it's side).

While it is currently boiling away some water (after a clean) (to calculate boiling losses) I checked the counterflow for leaks, and am about to test the wortometer & cooling capacity of the counterflow. I thought I would take the down time to post here.

The boil loss will help with equating the volume of liquor needed at the boil - while than my previous technique of aiming high and diluting at time of pitching. To keep my sanity this figure will go into BeerSmith which I believe will calculate all this for me?

Links to photo's:
Apparently a Rat and Dolphin Litre is pretty close to a Grainfather litre.
simple mod to ensure the hose stays on the counter-flow.
checking the countrflow for leaks.

Next Up:
i) Electrics into brew-shed (this week).

ii) Seal and Paint concrete floor (next week).

iii) Purchase blinds and insulation.

iv) Step up a Wyeast to use as a standard go to brewery yeast. (While I liked S04 and Muntons before - I also enjoyed beers brewed with Thames valley yeast.) I think I worked out that 1275 was probably the strain that Brakspear use?



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