'Hot Summer' Porter

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'Hot Summer' Porter

Post by ingo » Mon Oct 07, 2019 1:34 pm

Brewn for autumn in a hot summer week in August, uncontrolled fermentation with Kveik, temperatures during the days where in the thirty+°C range and didn't drop below 25°C at night. Fermentation was done in three days, keged it on day 5.

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OG  1060
IBU 43
EBC 82

Mash 75 min @67°C
62,5% Pale malt (Holland malt)
25,0% Brown malt (TF)
 9,4% Crystal malt (TF)

Boil 60 min
Liberty, FWH
 3,1% Carafra Spezial III (Weyermann) 20min

Kveik #7 Granvin uncontrolled @~32°C
Carbed to 1.8 vol.
I don't like the debitterd dehusked black malts, they sometimes give a cherry like taste and something 'powdery' in the mouth feel. So I decided to toss the remainder of my stock in the boil near the end in the hope not to extract those. This gives a nice smooth malt bitterness and dark bread crust.
There's quite a bit of Crystal in there as it was 'designed' for a party and it surprised me in a positive way, normally I'd go with just 30+% of brown.
Despite the darkness of the grains, the deep dark chocolate, the fruitiness of the yeast still comes through.


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